• Wussy Mag: Atlanta Based, Queer Art & Pop Culture
  • Burnaway Magazine: Atlanta Based, Celebrating Art from the South
  • Pank Magazine: Emerging and experimental poetry & prose
  • Strangers Fanzine: Fanzine, publishing & distro; a celebration of the forgotten & overlooked in comics/zines
  • Rustbelt Review: Quarterly comics anthology
  • AIPT Comics: A digital collection of media reviews
  • This Orient: Berlin Based, Contemporary Middle Eastern and North African art and culture
  • Sidecar Junkaroo: A bi-monthly magazine with headlines in between.
  • Wobby: Dutch Risograph magazine & platform for autonomous illustration & visual art
  • The Sour Collective: A zine publication featuring artwork, writing, photography and more by contributions from around the world
  • Nat.Brut Magazine: Showcasing the work of writers and artists who have been historically devalued or pigeonholed by art and literary institutions
  • Oral Zine: A community of creators who bring their voices together to tackle subjects through multifacted art, style, and emotion.
  • Razorcake Zine: An L.A.-based DIY punk rock magazine

Dutch Risograph magazine & platform for autonomous illustration & visual art

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