aka Mild Pain

photo by AG Photography

My pronouns are sher/her, and I'm a proud multiethnic Latina and bisexual woman originating from Chicago, IL.

I hold a BFA in Interdisciplinary Art and MA in Nonprofit Management & Leadership from the University of Georgia and have been working as an artist and arts advocate

for the past 8 years. 

I specialize in illustration, storytelling, and graphic design.

My commission work is primarily for

community events, small businesses, 

and non-profit organizations.

My passion is to connect and uplift communities through the power of art and storytelling which is what led me to my career in nonprofits & volunteer work. 

My personal style incorporates bold colors and fun characters that draw the viewer in and see a piece of themselves in the scenes & stories I like to portray.

Aside from making art & working in the community, I like running, cooking, practicing guitar, and playing D&D with my friends.

I was living & working in Athens, GA from 2014 to 2022 and recently moved to Cincinnati, OH with my partner

and our two cats, Arizona & Mina. 

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